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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I got up this morning, its a good thing and not very far for me.  First thing Jim and I did was go outside and I did my business.  Jim always has me come over to him and tells me, “Good boy Oden.”  If I’m a good dog for doing what comes naturally I’ll continues to do it outside and take those pets.  I really can’t get enough pets and scratching.  It just feels good.
Jim turned that tall thing that goes back and forth on again today.  He calls it a heater, I call it, well it’s mixed company so I can’t say what I call it.  I don’t like it so I have to run fast to get by it.  
Jim put me on his face book page and had a few comments back.  The one I liked the best was Lee’s.  She said I was smart for pup.  I’m glad I’m smart, what ever that means, I guess its a good thing.
I learned a few new things today.  When Jim says WALK, it means I get to go outside and make Jim go where ever I want;  sniff everything I can, eat a few leaves and go potty if I feel like it. I get to run and have fun.  Jim said every time I put my ears up I loose 1mile an hour.  I sure hope I can find it some where.  I know loosing something isn’t good because I was lost for a while.  I like being outside as long as Jim is close by.  
I don’t think I’ve said any thing about how I got to the shelter.  Well let me tell you everything.  I got there in a truck, thats all I know.
If you think I keep changing what I talk about, I do, I’m a puppy and thats what puppies do, something different without warning.  (wow there’s a word I didn’t know I knew, warning)  I don’t give warning.  Jim can be sitting on the couch and suddenly I’m up and looking at him nose to nose.  It makes him jump so it’s fun.
Back to new things.  I like to pick up sticks.  When I did it today, Jim called me to him and then said let go, so I did, and then he threw it and I went and got it.  We did that a bunch of times, it was really fun.
I also decided treats when you come in from a walk are ok so I had to sit and beg from Jim until he finally got it.  Now I get a treat everytime I come in.  That Jim is sure easy to train.  
Tuesday April 23
Woke up this morning feelin’ fine, had somethin’ special on my mind, that sounds familiar.  Jim and I slept in.  I had a great nights sleep, I spent most of it on Jim’s head, his hair is pretty soft and warm.  We went for our morning walk and I took my time doing what I had to do.  In the morning and after dark, we always come in when I’m done.  Jim just thinks I’m sniffing everything to find the exact, exact spot, but I’m just not in a hurry to go in.  I’m here to tell you he is easy to get to do what I want.  Who’s in charge here, that would be me, Oden, but Jim thinks he is.  If I could get to my food, and I am working on that, (shh, shh, shh, don’t tell Jim), I would be in total charge.  
Wednesday April 25, 2012
Wow what  day.  I had a great time and got in trouble this evening.
This morning this strange noise woke me up.  It was some kind of buzzing.  Jim reached over and did something and it quit.  A little while later it started making noise again. Jim turned it off and am I glad.  You know I’m a growing boy and need my sleep. Jim got up and did what he does, I stayed in bed for a while, growing remember, and finally got up about 3 hours later, (insert from Jim, about 5 minutes).  Jim and I went out for our walk where I did everything I needed to.  
Jim got dressed and took me out side and opened the truck door.  My first thought was oh my stomach, but I tried to jump into the truck.  I wasn’t even close so Jim lifted me in.  We went down to some where called the paddock,  That’s a work that I really don’t have in my limited vocabulary, however I figured it out.  It’s where you go to get a lot of people at a morning meeting, again a new word and they eat muffins and pet me and drop scraps on the floor for me to get.  Someone said I was a vacuum.  I’m pretty sure I’m a dog though.  
After I clean stuff off the floor Jim and I went back to the trailer for something.  When we went back out Jim headed for the truck so I figured I would teach him something.  I sat down and would not move toward the truck.  He’ll have to come back and stay in the trailer with me.  
Oops I’m in the trailer and Jim drove away.  That didn’t quite work out the way I had planned.  Sometimes it’s not so easy to train that hard head.
About 500 hours, (or 3 hours), Jim came back and I got to ride in the truck.  It was a nice ride.  I didn’t get sick.  We went to turn 5 where I got to get out and walk around.  Then Jim put me in the truck while motorcycles went by.  They wren’t too loud so I slept.
In a little while Jim took me out for a walk and I found a long yellow looking thing, Jim called it a french fry.  I put in in my mouth and tried to eat it but could’t because it was sticking out the front of my mouth and I could’t chew it.  Jim took it away from me, jus pulled it straight out of my mouth.  Back in the truck again.  Sleep again.  Awake time for  another walk.  I acted like I was just walking and not caring, then shot over and grabbed a french fry and tried to eat it, again pulled from my grasp.  I’m really going to have to figure how to eat those thing and eat them fast.  
Uh oh the truck is making noise again.  Around the track.  Good we stopped and I feel ok.  Driving again.  Ok, ok, ok, stopped but my stomach doesn’t,  Jim got me out and I threw up.  Darn, I’m really trying, honest.  
Back to the trailer.  I should’t call it a trailer, Jim said it is our home.  He said it was a trailer before he brought me to it and now it is our home no matter where we are.  
We went of walk and I did part of my business.  I knew if I did it all I would go in our home.  Oh well that didn’t work, in we went.  In a little while I really had to go outside so I went to the door and looked at it.  Jim got all excited and we went out for a walk.  That was really easy, I didn’t have to run back and forth and jump on Jim.  
After that we went in.  Jim fixed his dinner, a couple of hot dogs he said.  He sat down to eat and I kept bothering him.  When he looked away for a second I reached out and grabbed one of the hot dogs.  Wooo buddy, I should not have done that.  Jim got made and touched my nose and said no in a loud voice and took away the hot dog, with cheese, I might add.  Well I won’t do that again, unless I think I won’t get caught.  Jim never got mad at me before.  After he threw that one away he came over and petted me and said good boy, but I’ll never take anything off his plate again.
Well it’s 8 and I am a growing boy, have I said that before so off to bed.  

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  1. Another good blog Oden! I especially like the part about the trailer being a trailer until you came. . .and now it is a home!!!