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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tuesday May 15
I woke up early this morning, about before the sun came up, (5:45), but I had to get outside really fast.  Jim took me out and I did all I had to do in 5 minutes of less.  Then we went back in.  
Jim had to go somewhere, I really don’t know where somewhere is but I know he goes there almost every time he leaves,  “Oden, I have to go somewhere”, he says to me.  
When he came back we went outside and walked round a little and then got into the truck.  Here I go again.  Yepee, huraaaa, super dupper, finally,  I did not get sick.  In fact I didn’t even come close.  I felt great the whole time.  We went to the paddock, (now I know what it is, a big area of nothing).  We stopped and visited Ann and everyone in her office.  We stopped at Skip Barber Racing School to return some things to Ernie.  Then we went up to the main office to visit every one.  I stopped at the front desk to do my first visit.  While I was getting petted I heard a voice come in the door.  It was my friend Gill, she picked me up and we went back to her office where I got to sit on her lap and get scratched and petted for about 6 hours, (5 minutes).  Then I went to visit my friend Jim in his office but he wouldn’t share his lunch with me?  I went to Ardelle’s office but she wasn’t there so we headed for the door, first I had to stop and say hi to Conner then head for the door.  We sure headed for the door a lot without getting there. One the way I saw Ardelle so I stopped and got some pets and hugs, I really like scratches pets and hugs.  We drove home but on the way we stopped to see my friend Dulee.  He has some great toys.  I played with them while Dulee just sat and watched.  Once in dog language, humans don’t understand that, he told me I should slow down, to watch the world go by.  OK I will.  Next time I visit Dulee I’ll have to ask him what slow down and world are.  Then we came home.
When I’m at home I like to see out.  To do that I have to get up on something, (don’t forget I’m only 6” tall and a whopping 10 lbs), like the couch, the table or the bed.  Jim doesn’t mind the couch or the bed but doesn’t like me on the table.  It might be because there is not only a window but good chewing stuff, you know wires and things like that.  Well he went and put up some kind of barriers so I can’t get on the table.  Oh well it’s temporary, I’m sure I can find a way up there, then the wires are all mine. 
Wednesday May 16
New discovery and it is a BIG ONE.  There is something hanging off my back.  I have chased all morning and only caught it once.  It makes me dizzy when I chase it and the one time I caught it hurt.  Jim keeps calling it a tail, but I’m not sure.  It makes me a little uncomfortable having that thing behind me.  I think I’ll try sneaking up on it.  That didn’t work.  I can’t figure out how it stays just out of reach most of the time and it’s as fast as I am.  
This evening Jim and I went for our usual walk, down the stairs by Dulee’s home.  While walking on the road below us I met another dog.  I don’t know what his name is but he was not attached to any thing and he was mean to me.  Jim was not very happy.  Some one called it but it didn’t go so they had to come over and get that mean dog.  When he was gone holly bee gee bers another dog appears not attached to anything.  This one was only a pup but he kept chewing on my ear.  We played for a while then he went inside also.  Thanks goodness, my ear was getting sore.
Jim says there is another big race weekend coming up so I think I’m excited.  I better go to bed and get ready.  You know there is a difference between sleeping and going to bed.  When I sleep I’m ready at the littlest noise to get up.  When I go to bed its for 7 to 9 hours and I don’t move fast when I get up. I am a puppy and need my beauty sleep.
Friday May 18 
I was rudely woken up by that buzzing noise.  If I can ever figure out what makes that noise me and my teeth will do what we can to prevent that from happening any more.  Jim turned it off but since I was so harshly woken up I decided it was time to play and go outside.  I bothered Jim until he took me out and I didn’t hurry when I got there.  I must have kept him out there for a good 10 hours, (20 minutes).  Back in we finally went, of course my decision.
There were a lot of loud cars out on the track today.  The noise didn’t really bother me.  I was still able to sleep and chew, what else is there other than eat.  There was one car that sounded different than any other one I had heard.  It had more of a winey noise and sound really fast.  When Jim got home I asked him what is was and he said it was a 2003 F-1 car. I said ok thanks.  Ha, Ha, Ha I fooled you on the last one, every one knows people can’t speak dog.  
Monday May 21
Wow, I’ve been at Jim’s a month, can you believe it a whole month.  Time to celebrate, yaaaaaaaa hooooooooo.  I’m really glad Jim brought me here I hope I get to stay for 100 years.  Here are the questions though, what is a month and how long is 100 years? I don’t know the answer to either but they sounded good.  By the way I am now 9 months old.  I’m still a puppy and can get away with stuff.  (Actually I think I’ll be able to fool Jim forever into thinking I’m a puppy so I can continue to get away with stuff.  Remember, I’ve already established, he’s easy.)
I started training Jim on a couple of things last week and so far results are 50 50.  When he want’s me to come in I either don’t pay attention to him or I look right at him with my best aren’t I cute look or sit and lean back with my best stubborn look.  There are two that work most of the time, don’t pay attention or cute look.  The stubborn look doesn’t seem to work at all he just goes inside and shuts the door.  After about 3 hours he opens it and I run in.  I’ll keep perfecting the first two.
The second thing I’ve been trying is not taking a treat because I want a different one.  Well that doesn’t work at all.  The treat just gets droppend on the floor.  The good thing is I get to have fun picking it up.  First I sniff then jump back,then jump up then jump around.  Finally I pick it up and either hide it or eat it.
I got cheese today.  Jim gave me CHEESE.  Wooooooooooow it was good.  He is just a good master giving me cheese because he could.  
What is that thing you are putting down my throat?  Oh well I may as well swallow it.  Jim said something about fleas, heartworm and other things.  Ooooooooh, cheese again.  I’m telling you Jim is just plain nice to me.
Wednesday May 23
Another great morning.  I got some cheese again and some kind of pill again.  I’m beginning to think cheese is good but something not so good is coming after.  Doesn’t matter the cheese is still good.  Jim said it was supposed to make me feel ok when I ride in the truck.  I hope so because I really like riding around with Jim.  
Here we go, the truck door is open, I’m going to jump in on my own.  10 steps back, run forward as fast as I can, front paws hit the inside floor, back the running board and push.  I made it with a little help from Jim.  Ok let’s get this truck on the road. Wow neat saying for a dog wonder where I got that.  I got up on the center console and sat.  I can see the road so I think it’s going to be ok.  There is a lot of liquid coming out of my mouth.  Jim says I’m drooling but it is ok.  I made it all the way to the vets office, everything stayed in my stomach.  Celebration time, come on.  I heard that somewhere and this is a good time for celebration.  
We went into  room where a lady took my temperature, that is NOT very pleasant.  She said I was normal.  Of course I’m not normal, I’m Oden, there is nothing normal about me.  The vet came in, (that’s what we dogs call our doctor,a vet, not to be confused with someone who served in the military).  She looked at me and said she remembered me from last time I was here.  She looked at my teeth and said I had one baby tooth still in but it would be ok for now.  
Then I went over and had a bath, got my nails trimmed and hair around my eyes trimmed.  It felt good. What I don’t know is where Jim went.  He was gone for 20 hours, he’ll change that to some random number he picks, (2 hours), told ya!  
After that we went to the County Animal Shelter, the place Jim found me.  We took a plant for the ladies who helped us get together.  It was nice to say hi again and then leave.  It was mostly nice to leave, that place scares me a little.  Then we rode home.  I didn’t throw up one time.  Wa, wa, wa hoooooooooooo!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sunday May 13
It’s been a week since I have anything to say.  The reason it’s been a week is, I don’t know, I don’t even know what a week is.
I heard it’s Mothers day, Happy Mothers Day everyone, and Happy Mothers Day to my mom, where ever she is.  
Last week I went to the office and met Gill.  She is a very nice lady and I like her a lot, she is one of my friends.  She said I should have some kind of card so I have it.  I only ware it when I have on my harness, (something else new I have), so it won’t drag on the ground.  My friend Wendy said I still can’t go in the paddock with it.  (i’ve heard that word before but I don’t know where.) Nuts I can’t go in the paddock, I want to go in the paddock because there might be something good to sniff or eat there.  There is one thing about the paddock, what is it and where is it?  Soooo many thing I don’t know yet.
This week has been exciting, more new things.  Jim was saying a major race is coming Oden.  He said he hoped the noise from the ALMS cars wouldn’t bother me.  It didn’t.  The worse thing was I had to spend time in the trailer by myself.  The only reason I know that is I was able to shred more paper than usual.  Jim would come up and check sometimes but by best friend Ardelle, she is Bert’s mom, came up and walked me and sometimes I would sneak into her office and hang out.  Other than chewing and sleeping, hanging out is one of the things I really like to do, and I’m very good at it.  One day Bobbie came with her and we went for a long walk.  I was sooo happy I didn’t even make them pick me up, I tufted it out.
I said before I would tell you about my friends.  My friends are the best.  I like to be around them, they say my name and give me pets, scratch my ears, and let me sit on their lap.  My friends are everyone I meet. I like everybody and their hands.  I have a saying “I never met a pair of hands I didn’t like”, (pretty good for a 8 month old dog huh?) I hope I don’t forget anyone. I met some new friends a few days ago, Einstein, Sassy and her brother whose name I can’t remember.  Einstein is the master of Bill and Doff and Sassy and her brother keep Manny and Jean in line.  

Monday, May 14

We slept in today all the way to 6:45.  Of course I didn’t get up until 5 hours later (15 minutes).  Then we went outside and I did nothing.  I was able to keep Jim out for 20 minutes.  I believe thats a record.  Well we finally came in for about 6 hours, (25 minutes) and I convinced Jim I needed to go out.  Out we went and I finally did some of my business, but decided to hold off on the other.  Finally went in for however long, (I’m not putting a time because Jim keeps changing it, I’m a dog I don’t know anything about time, except when its time.  This time I finished everything and we came in.  Then I decided to go out again so I made Jim crazy until he took me out, then in, then out, then in, then out, then in.  Of course every time Jim wanted me to go in I sat and refused to go in so Jim had to pick me up.  It was great fun and I got a treat every time.  Jim said something about putting me in a penalty box.  I guess he didn’t do it because I haven’t been in any thing; yet.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tuesday May 1, 2012
I don’t think I will ever get tired making Jim walk around where I want to go.  It is especially fun first thing in the morning before he has his coffee.  I really have to do my business after a long nights sleep, but it is a lot more fun to watch Jim walk around,in a daze, following me.  I think 15 minutes was the longest I’ve make him stay out.  One of my tricks is to do one thing and when he wants to go in I sit and look at him with sad pleading eyes.  Works every time, back walking we go.
Sunday May 6, 2012
Wow I’m slipping, it’s been a few days since I written anything.  Jim’s been real busy pressure washing the suite/garage building, what ever they are.  He’s really tired when he gets home.  I do my best to make him feel better.  I make him walk me around for a while then when we get inside I jump on him and look right in his eyes and nip at his nose.  He laughs and hugs me so I guess I’ve done my job.  
I did get a little board while he was gone for so long so I found one of his sweatshirts the other day and chewed the zipper.  It was a lot of fun, until Jim got home.  He was really not happy with me.  He staid mad ant me for almost 5 minutes, at least that’s what he said.  (I have no idea how long 5 minutes is).  I had to really put on my best face and jump up and sit beside him stuff.  As usual it worked.  I guess I better not chew any clothes again.
Jim is really a good guy, but he’s easy.
This evening Jim and I went for a ride in the dreaded truck.  (that’s the truck in the back ground, only picture of the truck I could find) I really want to ride and be good but my stomach doesn’t.  I tried to jump in the truck, that didn’t work, but Jim helped me in.  He said we were going to the paddock.  Jim rolled down the window on my side of the truck so I could put my front legs up on the arm rest and stick my nose out the window.  Geez o pete, It worked.  My stomach didn’t get goofy and I felt good when we got down there.  Coming back he did the same thing and it worked again.  Maybe I can lick this riding thing.  I should be able to I lick every thing and everyone else.  When we got back we went walking and I was sooooo happy about riding in the truck I did my business as fast as I could.  Then we just sat outside and watched the world go by.  I should say Jim watched I sniffed everything and chewed on my toy.  The world is really too high for me to see it go by.