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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sunday May 13
It’s been a week since I have anything to say.  The reason it’s been a week is, I don’t know, I don’t even know what a week is.
I heard it’s Mothers day, Happy Mothers Day everyone, and Happy Mothers Day to my mom, where ever she is.  
Last week I went to the office and met Gill.  She is a very nice lady and I like her a lot, she is one of my friends.  She said I should have some kind of card so I have it.  I only ware it when I have on my harness, (something else new I have), so it won’t drag on the ground.  My friend Wendy said I still can’t go in the paddock with it.  (i’ve heard that word before but I don’t know where.) Nuts I can’t go in the paddock, I want to go in the paddock because there might be something good to sniff or eat there.  There is one thing about the paddock, what is it and where is it?  Soooo many thing I don’t know yet.
This week has been exciting, more new things.  Jim was saying a major race is coming Oden.  He said he hoped the noise from the ALMS cars wouldn’t bother me.  It didn’t.  The worse thing was I had to spend time in the trailer by myself.  The only reason I know that is I was able to shred more paper than usual.  Jim would come up and check sometimes but by best friend Ardelle, she is Bert’s mom, came up and walked me and sometimes I would sneak into her office and hang out.  Other than chewing and sleeping, hanging out is one of the things I really like to do, and I’m very good at it.  One day Bobbie came with her and we went for a long walk.  I was sooo happy I didn’t even make them pick me up, I tufted it out.
I said before I would tell you about my friends.  My friends are the best.  I like to be around them, they say my name and give me pets, scratch my ears, and let me sit on their lap.  My friends are everyone I meet. I like everybody and their hands.  I have a saying “I never met a pair of hands I didn’t like”, (pretty good for a 8 month old dog huh?) I hope I don’t forget anyone. I met some new friends a few days ago, Einstein, Sassy and her brother whose name I can’t remember.  Einstein is the master of Bill and Doff and Sassy and her brother keep Manny and Jean in line.  

Monday, May 14

We slept in today all the way to 6:45.  Of course I didn’t get up until 5 hours later (15 minutes).  Then we went outside and I did nothing.  I was able to keep Jim out for 20 minutes.  I believe thats a record.  Well we finally came in for about 6 hours, (25 minutes) and I convinced Jim I needed to go out.  Out we went and I finally did some of my business, but decided to hold off on the other.  Finally went in for however long, (I’m not putting a time because Jim keeps changing it, I’m a dog I don’t know anything about time, except when its time.  This time I finished everything and we came in.  Then I decided to go out again so I made Jim crazy until he took me out, then in, then out, then in, then out, then in.  Of course every time Jim wanted me to go in I sat and refused to go in so Jim had to pick me up.  It was great fun and I got a treat every time.  Jim said something about putting me in a penalty box.  I guess he didn’t do it because I haven’t been in any thing; yet.

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  1. Oden are you still 8 months old?
    Uncle Rob