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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tuesday May 1, 2012
I don’t think I will ever get tired making Jim walk around where I want to go.  It is especially fun first thing in the morning before he has his coffee.  I really have to do my business after a long nights sleep, but it is a lot more fun to watch Jim walk around,in a daze, following me.  I think 15 minutes was the longest I’ve make him stay out.  One of my tricks is to do one thing and when he wants to go in I sit and look at him with sad pleading eyes.  Works every time, back walking we go.
Sunday May 6, 2012
Wow I’m slipping, it’s been a few days since I written anything.  Jim’s been real busy pressure washing the suite/garage building, what ever they are.  He’s really tired when he gets home.  I do my best to make him feel better.  I make him walk me around for a while then when we get inside I jump on him and look right in his eyes and nip at his nose.  He laughs and hugs me so I guess I’ve done my job.  
I did get a little board while he was gone for so long so I found one of his sweatshirts the other day and chewed the zipper.  It was a lot of fun, until Jim got home.  He was really not happy with me.  He staid mad ant me for almost 5 minutes, at least that’s what he said.  (I have no idea how long 5 minutes is).  I had to really put on my best face and jump up and sit beside him stuff.  As usual it worked.  I guess I better not chew any clothes again.
Jim is really a good guy, but he’s easy.
This evening Jim and I went for a ride in the dreaded truck.  (that’s the truck in the back ground, only picture of the truck I could find) I really want to ride and be good but my stomach doesn’t.  I tried to jump in the truck, that didn’t work, but Jim helped me in.  He said we were going to the paddock.  Jim rolled down the window on my side of the truck so I could put my front legs up on the arm rest and stick my nose out the window.  Geez o pete, It worked.  My stomach didn’t get goofy and I felt good when we got down there.  Coming back he did the same thing and it worked again.  Maybe I can lick this riding thing.  I should be able to I lick every thing and everyone else.  When we got back we went walking and I was sooooo happy about riding in the truck I did my business as fast as I could.  Then we just sat outside and watched the world go by.  I should say Jim watched I sniffed everything and chewed on my toy.  The world is really too high for me to see it go by.

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  1. Oden, very happy to hear that your stomach problem may be on it's way out!