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Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday May 25
We slept in until almost 8 am.  It’s cloudy out.  Last time it looked like that that rain stuff kept landing on me.  I hope it doesn’t happen again.  I’m having a great time playing.  Running around our home and every once in a while I make Jim take me outside.
When we come in Jim says shake and picks up my right paw, then scratches me and tells me I’m a good boy.  Might be something to that.  I think I’ll just put up my paw when he says shake and get bonus scratches.  A dog can’t have enough scratches, pets and praise.  I made him go out again and when we came in Jim said “Oden, shake”.  I put my paw up and he took it and then just scratched me and told me what a good boy I was.  Man I trained him pretty fast to give extra scratches.  
Tuesday May 29
Last weekend was Memorial Day Weekend.  Lots of things happen on Memorial Day weekend, racing at Indy, picnics, BBQs, track activity, and most important, remembering  those who served our country and made it so I could write this.  Thanks to those Military people, past, present and future.
I got to go to the track on Sunday and Monday.  I hung out in Jim’s truck and slept or looked out at the cars.  Jim would come over and say hi and pet me when he had a chance, about every 10 hours.  I really had a good time.  
Jim has been taking me for rides in the truck more lately and I’m doing pretty good.  Something I learned.  When Jim puts me the truck and then says scoot over, he wants me to get out of his seat, so I do.  I do it for two reasons, I don’t want to get sat on and I get scratches for it.  The last reason is the best.  
May 30
Life is good for me, Oden.  I met a new friend the other day, Eli.  He belongs to Sandy.  He’s a friendly little guy.  I stress little, he is smaller than me and still a little shy.  He is also a lot younger.  My best friend Dulee just looks at both of us like were nuts when we got to playing too much
I am laughing so hard I can barely write this. In fact…………………….sorry I’m not laughing as hard now.  What made me laugh was something Jim said.  I was bugging him to go outside, you know the normal stuff, little squeaks and low barking and jumping on his knee.  Jim said just a moment Oden, you can wait.  Then he said, and this is what got me laughing so hard, “remember Oden, humans are always right”.  Now I ask is that the funniest thing you have ever heard.  I let Jim think he is right but come on I’m a cute cuddly dog, I’m always in charge.
June 1, 2012
Yaaaaaa, it’s national donut day.  I’m hoping Jim will give me one, (as soon as I figure out exactly what a donut is), because I think it is something I can eat.
Yesterday Jim brought home a new toy for me. (Probably because I ate the stuffing out of my other one.)  The new one makes two different sounds.  It’s nice to get something new sometimes.  
Yesterday when Jim and I were walking I smelled something strange.  At first I jumped back, then I started following it.  I don’t know what it is but I kept my nose to the ground and followed it all around our home and down toward Dulee’s.  Jim asked what I smelled, “is it a raccoon Oden?”  I don’t know what a raccoon is but that is as good an explanation as any.  I don’t think I like this thing so I’ll keep an eye and a nose on it.  
In the evening when Jim watches TV I like to lay on his chest and sleep.  It gets me ready for later in the night when I do laps in the trailer.  Some times I have to run right over Jim if he is in the lap path.  After laps it’s time to go outside and walk around.  

Last night while I was allowing Jim to escort me around in the dark, I heard something and smelled something in the brush.  It scared the be gibers out of me.  I ran away from that area.  When I stopped I decided I could take on any thing and ran back to where it was.  I must have scared it because what ever IT was left the area when I Oden returned

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