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Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 2
Saturday, glorious Saturday, what a wonderful day of the week.  I have no idea why I think it is such a great day, it’s just another day of the week, which I know nothing about. A week a month a year, I don’t know what any of those things are.  If any one want’s to explain it to me feel free.
While Jim and I were walking around today I discovered what is living in the brush beside us.  You remember the thing that I scared off.  It’s a rabbit.  I know what a rabbit is because it, like me, is an animal and I’m supposed to chase it.  I saw it twice today but chasing was not what I wanted to do, I wanted to play.  The rabbit was not friendly because he wouldn’t come play.  I don’t understand a lot of things in the world.  I do understand the world, that is where Jim and I are.
I went to see my friends Gary, Betty and Dulee today.  Gary we sitting outside with someone so visited them.  They were eating and I actually got a chip from the other guy.
Jim picked me up but that is not what I wanted to do, I wanted to go back to that other guy to get another chip.  I wriggled and squirmed and, ohhhhhhhhh brother, no part of me is touching anything and I see the sky not ground, landing on my head and back.  Not a direct landing, but more like a roll.  I’m ok and got a chip.  I was pretty calm the rest of the day, because I forgot what caused the mid air flip but I’m being carful to not let it happen again.  Every thing upside down, including me,  is not what a dog wants to do.
June 4
I got woken woke?, I don’t know the exact proper word is, but early this morning by some kind of noise.  I even went and barked at it.  I never did figure what it was making noise.   Jim and I went out for our morning walk.  No sun just clouds and a little cold.  I did my duty and we went back in.  A couple of hours later I decided it was time to go out again and what do you think happened?  There was stuff falling on me again.  Jim keeps calling it rain, I call it scary stuff from the sky
June 11
Wow, it’s been a busy week.  Last Tuesday and Wednesday there were some really loud cars out on the track.  I had to stay home while Jim went to the track.  I really don’t think that is fair, why does he have all the fun.  Since I could’t go to the track I invented my own fun.  I spent 2 days taking apart one of my toys to inspect the inside.  I really had a great time and Jim got to clean it up.  I think that might be the most fun, I make a mess and don’t have to clean it up.  When Jim comes in he just shakes his head and starts picking it up.  He always does it with a smile.  I guess it’s ok to get that noise maker out of my toys.
Thursday morning some noise woke me up way too early again.  Jim said it was an alarm.  OK but I don’t like it.  Jim got up and we went as usual for our morning walk.  It isn’t really a walk its a Jim go out and try to stay awake and I go out and see how long I can keep him out.  The sleeper he is the longer I have to sniff the ground, pick up sticks and leaves.  Jim got dressed to go to the track so I put on my best take me face, (after all I’ve been home for two days), and it worked I got to go with him.  We worked the gate for SCCA.  I did that waaaay back when I first moved in with Jim and it is a lot of fun.  People come over and say hi, Oden, all the time, they scratch my head and talk to me, some even give me treats.  Thursday after noon my friends Ardel and Wendy came to take me on a walk.  We had a great time.  We walked 50 (2) miles in 4 (1) hours and I didn’t have to get picked up one time.  I tried but they kept saying I wasn’t fooling them. I was tired when we got back so I got to get in the truck and sleep for 10 (2) hours.  When I got up I heard people asking where’s Oden.  I got out of the truck and got some great scratches.  
Friday we went and did the same thing.  Again I got to go on a long walk for a long time, (you know why I’m not putting numbers down, mr. Know it all will change them).  I met a new friend today.  His name is Enzo.  Enzo is the same age as me, 9 months, but much bigger, about 30 feet tall,  believe me even if Jim changes it he is 30 feet tall. (about 25 inches at the shoulder and 50 lbs.)  I walked right up to Enzo and began playing.  We had a great time.  I jumped on him then sometimes he would push me out of the way with his paw and I’d go flying only to get up and go back.  He is fun to play with.  If he got too rowdy I would wrap my leash around his back legs and that would slow him down.   Enzo came by the next two days and I got play time with him.  Not only playing with him was fun but I got to roll around in the dirt.  
The next two day were pretty much the same.  I slept got up to say hi to people, who as you know came to see me not Jim.  Jim didn’t seem to mind.  He said it was good to see me having sooooo much fun.  I have that much fun every minute I’m awake and asleep.
Thursday June 14
Jim told me this morning we are going to a training class for you tonight Oden.  I’m excited a training class for me, yahoo.  I wonder what it is.  I know we got into the truck to take a ride, I did ok.  We got out at this place and what do you think I saw, about a thousand, (10) dogs wanting to be my friend.  There were little dogs and big dogs.  They were all friendly to me and of course I was friendly to them.  We went inside and a lady started talking.  I think I’ve seen her before at the shelter where I stayed for 20 years.  She is nice and I’m pretty sure she gives out treats.  Yep she finally gave me some treats after other dogs got theres.  I really think I was being good enough to get some first.  The truck ride home was fun.  My stomach didn’t get upset or any thing.  I just sat up on the arm rest and watched the world go by.
Monday June 18
Just another Monday, I woke up and went outside and did what dogs do outside.  Walk do business, sniff, walk, run, sniff, run, sniff, eat roots.
In the afternoon Jim and I went to the suites, (I don’t know why they call them that, they don’t seem sweet to me.  One of them was really messy so Jim cleaned it while I checked for anything on the floor.  When Jim went out the door he let me go with him without my leash.  I was going to go in the next door but decided to walk all the way down to the other end of the building.  There was something there to sniff so I was forced to it.  Jim kept calling me but my nose was busy.  I started to go down the steps when I head a firm “no” from Jim so I ran back to where he was and was instantly put on my leash.
After that we went to the office to see all my friends.  I really like going up there there are sooooo many people to see and get pets from.  When I got to Gill’s office she picked me up and said to Jim that she thought Oden should be off his leash in the office.  Great idea now I can go see who every I want with out any one telling me different.  After Gill finished petting and scratching me I ran to Ardels office to get more scratches from her.  Then out of nowhere a ball appeared.  It was great I got to chase it and then Chris came in and played with me and the ball.  It was a lot of fun.  I got to bring the ball home and play some more.
I like the ball but so far it has been impossible to chew all the way through and believe me I am trying.  I guess I’ll just have to chase it and have fun that way.

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  1. Oden, you really have an interesting life! But you really need to share more pictures of your activities - I think Jim has a camera in his IPhone so you might ask him (politely, of course) to take pictures and let you post them!