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Saturday, September 22, 2012

July 9
There are a bunch of tents going up around here.  Jim says a really big race is coming up.  It’s called Moto GP.  I’m excited, I don’t know why I’m excited other than it is an opportunity to get more scratches and pets.  More people more hands.  Jim says I’ll have to guard the place.  No problem, I’m the best guard ever. What the heck does guard mean?  I’ll do it as soon as I figure out what it is.  

Jim got a new chair the other day and it is really comfortable.  I sit in it when ever I can.  Jim has to make me move so he can sit down so I just jump up on his lap.

July 13
And it’s Friday.  Jim told me to put that in here, I don’t know why but I always do what Jim asks me. (paws, eyes and ears crossed)

Jim is always asking me what’s up, Oden.  I have and answer to that, everything.  When your my height everything is up except the ground and the food bowl.  JI don’t know why he has to know what’s up, his ankles are up.

I went to another human obedience class last night.  Another TEST and I was not first again.  Sandy, the instructor held my leash and Jim went the other end of the room and called me.  When Sandy dropped the leash I’m supposed to run to Jim.  In whose world is that going to happen?  I sniffed a little, visited some friends and then ran to Jim.  He said at least this time a got some points.  We did it again but this time I had to go visit longer.  Jim came to me, and I didn’t even have to call him, with a treat in his hand and then I followed him back to where he started.  It was great fun.  

We then learned to wait.  That is not the same as stay it is just a quick thing so Jim can get out the door or put on a leash.  I excelled on that one.  Perfect every time.  

One slight not so good thing happened, I got sick in the truck.  I’m trying, I really am.

There still putting up more tents for the up coming big race, Moto Gp.  This place is just busy every day.  I have to give my low warning growl when ever anyone gets within 6 miles, (50 yards) of our home.  I think Jim appreciates it.  Its really low so it doesn’t seem to bother Jim.

Outside the trailer is a mess.  Jim says were getting a deck but I have to step over all kinds of stuff just to go do my business.  I’ll be glad to have that project done.

Jim says next weekend we are going to Lassen National Park.  Yeaaaaaa! A park.
He says we are going to plant some trees for Jim’s Dad and Mom.  Jim says they were volunteers at Summit Camp for 17 years.  That will be nice to have something to honor them.  I never met them but if they were Jim’s Dad and Mom they were nice people.  There can’t be any permanent  signs but temporary ones are ok.  I hope I get to help dig.

July 15
Ooops.  I think I made a couple of goofs.  I don’t do that very often but Jim got a little upset with me.  First the rug I decided to chew yesterday.  This morning I was leaning on Jim trying to get him to pick me up and I took one paw and slapped his arm with it.  He told me NO in a very stern voice.  Guess I won’t do that again

July 16
Last night something happened and I’m still not sure what or why.  Jim and I were playing with my favorite toy, having a great time.  Jim was playing tug with me and all of a sudden there was  crack/pop and something in my mouth hurt.  It scared the be jebers out of me.  There was a funny taste in my mouth also.  Jim kept looking in my mouth and finally said, Oden you lost your last puppy tooth.  I sure glad it was my last one because I don’t want to go through that again.  I just laid around for the rest of the night on Jim’s lap and on the bed.  I think I was more scared than hurt.  Jim talked to me alto and petted me.  It made me feel a lot better.

I woke up this morning and there was a big motorhome pulling in beside us.  I started barking to let Jim know it was there.  We got up, went outside and talked to Robert the who will be out neighbor for the next few months.   

I’m a little confused.  I think when someone gets close, within 100 yard of home, I should bark to warn Jim.  He however has a different thought.  Jim seems to think right next door is the place to bark.  I’ve been a dog longer than Jim has so I think I know what a dog should do.  We are working on it but the two of us are pretty darn stubborn.  

July 18
I’ve got a lot going on in my head.  Every time I turn around there is another something going by.  I can barley keep my mind on doing my business when I’m outside.  Jim keeps telling me it’s because of the race coming up.  I hope it calms down when that happens.
Yesterday Jim and I went to the shooting range.  We parked and got out and went over to a little tree.  I don’t know why but Jim seemed a little sad.  He told me to look where the deer had been nibbling at the branches but the tree looked like it was growing well.  Then we left.

When we got home, Jim was his normal self but seemed to give me an extra big hug.

September 12
Wow it’s been a long time since I wrote any thing.  Since the last time there have been motorcycle races, old car races and new car races.  I of course managed to get through all of them fine.  The worst part is during race weekend Jim is gone a lot.  

What have I done during that time?  I slept a bunch and really tried to keep Jim from sleeping.  I constantly took the blanket off the couch.  One thing I learned that is really fun is to walk on the back of the couch.  I can really see a lot from up there.  That’s a trick my best friend Dulee  told me about.  He’s been doing that for a long time.  I haven’t mastered the art of sleeping up there yet, but Dulee says it’s a great place to sleep.  

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