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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A long weekend

I'm tired.  I had a long weekend last weekend.  Jim was gone from the early, early morning until late in the afternoon.  I sound like I should be rested but worrying takes a lot out of me.
I should have known when he put on those white pants and shirts it was going to a long one.  I don't know where he goes, (he says to the race track but its never been proven to me).
At least when he gets back I get a lot of scratches and hugs.  Today is Tuesday so I should be fully rested by tomorrow.
Jim said I have to put the following
Jim and Oden watching the world go by


  1. Oh dear Oden...I bet you thought he was NEVER going to come home! But isn't it great when he opens the door? You forget he was ever gone! Glad Jim worked WSB! Did he do gator duty again?
    Miss ya but we are having a great time on the road. Signed, Dulee and Zodiac

  2. Hey Duke and Zo,
    I don't care what the bum did except leave me alone but Jim said I have to be nice. He worked Gary's old haunt, t-7 as a Flagler and said he enjoyed the whole weekend.