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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hey it's me again, twice on the same day.  I'll have to be carful not to get my paws tired putting all this in.  Actually every thing from this morning was cut and past.
Jim was at the track all day so I stayed home and tore up a few papers, slept, drank water, slept a little.  Oh my big accomplishment for the day was remove the squeaker from one of my toys.  That was really a good time.  When Jim comes home I try to surprise him by jumping from the floor right to his shoulder.  He has to catch me and then gives me big hugs and says what a good dog I am.  I don't do it every time because then it wouldn't be as much fun when I do it.
We were out on the deck and Jim was sitting in my favorite chair, the big brown one, so I jumped up on his lap and all of a sudden I smelled something I hadn't smelled in a while.  It was those things Jim keeps in his ears, and left by the bed for me to nibble on.  I sniffed both ears but then remembered how Jim looked when he found me enjoying them.  I decided to just leave them alone.

I don't think I said anything about Jim becoming a Grandpa in Late Jan. or Feb.  Brian, (he is the one on the left with his friend Sam), and Kirstin are going to have a baby boy.  I wonder if that makes me a grand dog.  Wait I already am a grand dog so I'm going to be a really grand dog.   I really don't know what all this grand stuff is but it sounds good being a grand dog!!

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