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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October 17, 2012
Well it looks like Oden goofed again.  Thats from some song with my name inserted.  I had good things
happen and bad things happen.  Notice I said happen.  None of the bad things were my fault.  I, Oden just don't do bad things any more.  You remember the hearing aid thing, that was my last bad thing.

The other day when Jim was gone, I smelled something in his bed.  Being the good and faithful dog that I am I decided to investigate.  Using my front paws I moved a sheet then tore through the other sheet, mattress pad and what did I find, foam.  From  dogs prospective, foam is more fun than toy stuffing.  It was at this point that I forgot what I was looking for.  I started tearing it apart, paw down, teeth on the foam and pull.  I did this for hours and hours and hours.  It was great fun.  Then when I stopped I realized Jim was not going to be over joyed about this.
I was the cat
When he comes home I'll put my ears all the way back and wag my tail as best I can.  I guess I've used that before because when Jim came home and saw me he said, "what did you do Oden?"  I told him, although he couldn't understand, "the cat did it".   For any of you dogs out there reading this, ALWAYS blame it on the cat.  It works every time unless you don't have a cat.  My case, no cat.  Well I've been banished from the bedroom when Jim's not home.  Darn.

The good thing about this, He didn't stay mad very long.  A couple of jump up and put the head on the shoulder and he was back to normal.  I will however put this on my list of don't do any more.
1.  don't eat the hearing aids
2.  don't tear apart the foam pad on the bed.

Ok the good things.  I went to the Vet Monday to get my grooming done.  I did not through up in the truck there or on the way back.  Yahoo!!!!!  I felt a little odd but stuck it out.

In the afternoon I got to go out and hang out with a bunch of people from the office.  Once I even got to sit on someone's lap.  Some kind of video and I guess I'm in it.  I wonder if you get extra treats or pets for that?

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