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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 2, 2013
Yesterday was April Fools day.  What a day, (can someone tell me what it is).
This morning the sun was shining when I got up.  That meant Jim opened the door so I could play outside and go in and out when I wanted.  I took 2 of my toys out and had a great time.  The only small problem was when I was barking at a truck.  Jim rang the bell, which means he wants to see me right away.  I came running so he could tell me no barking.  (I know I've discussed this with him before, I've been a dog longer than him so I know when to bark.  Humans are hard to train.)

Another small thing I'm going to discuss, why don't humans learn dog, we dogs learn human.  I would think it's only fare.  At night I talk to Jim and he talks back in dog.  The problem, he does't make any sense.  I say I'd like to go outside to do business and he says back to me, what color are you and why do you have such big ears.  Makes no sense to me.  One time he asked me why I weighed 80 pounds.  80 pounds?  Not in my best dream, wet and caring my self 5 times I wouldn't weigh 80 pounds.

I'm going outside again.

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